[cairo] Universal Framework for Mac OS X

Andreas Krinke andreas.krinke at gmx.de
Sun Mar 22 10:09:55 PDT 2009

Hello list!

I had a really hard time to create an universal framework for Mac OS X.
The only ones I could find (e.g. from the gtk-osx project) didn't
support ppc.

You can download the file here:


This framework was created on OS X 10.4, so this should be the minmum OS
version required. It runs on both ppc and intel macs.

It contains cairo 1.8.6, libpixman 0.14 and libpng 1.2.35.


Copy the framework to /Library/Frameworks. This is only needed for
proper linking of your app.
Add /Library/Frameworks/Cairo.framework to your xcode project ("Linked
Edit the project settings and add the following to the "Other Linker Flags":




These flags are needed for the linker. ld only supports absolute paths.
Later at runtime the dynamic linker dyld uses the relative paths
embedded in the libraries/framework to find them.

Don't forget to copy the framework to the bundle.

After compiling and linking the resulting bundle contains everything
needed and can be distributed.

I will post the details of the framework creation if there is interest.

Andreas Krinke

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