[cairo] pixman build problem

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Tue Mar 24 11:37:59 PDT 2009

Cookie Monster <nougatcentre at gmail.com> writes:

> When trying to build pixman-0.14.0, I get two errors:
> /usr/local/libpango-1.0.so: undefined reference to
> "g_assertion_message_expr'
> /usr/local/libpango-1.0.so: undefined reference to "g_assertion_message'
> This process started with trying to install the most recent version of
> gedit, which has led to a slew of library updates. Pixman is the only one so
> far which I cannot get to build, and would appreciate any tips.

Please don't send the same message over and over.

There is something wrong with either your pango or your glib
installation - it's generally tricky to have multiple versions of
those libraries installed at the same time.

You can likely get pixman to build by passing --disable-gtk to
configure, though.


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