[cairo] Universal Framework for Mac OS X

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 24 16:09:37 PDT 2009

This is how we distribute our OSX applications. Of course when doing it
this way, it is easier to just link application statically and avoid any
compatibility issues (at a cost of somewhat larger binary loaded in
memory, which is a relatively small price to pay to avoid various other

Unless a library is natively installed by standard OS distribution it
generally is not prudent for application developers to either rely on
something else installing it or bring their own version - both paths are
pretty much guaranteed to fail on at least some systems, and users hate
applications that fail out of the box. It is a good way to gain bad
publicity very quickly.

Now, if Cairo could get installed as part of standard MacOS - that'd be
real nice :)


Andreas Krinke wrote:
> The possibility to distribute your app with everything it needs in one
> single file is one of the nice things on Mac OS X. Of course, it bloats
> the distribution and kills the idea of dynamic linking, but most of the
> time it just works and that's what the user is interested in. Don't
> forget you can remove a program by deleting one file. No trace should be
> left on the system.
> And nearly all native programs do it that way.
> Andreas
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