[cairo] Status of glitz backend

flying.toaster flying.toaster at voila.fr
Sat Mar 28 02:29:53 PDT 2009

Hi there,

 I am working on a portable application framework based on Cairo, and librsvg.

 This is getting to be quite an archeological feat. 

 I am using SDL as a portable back-end that could enable OpenGL rendering. For starters I am using image rendering context for Cairo but I get somewhat poor 
performance on my Apple G4 iBook. The obvious path would be to use OpenGL rendering through Glitz.

 And there is the rub (well one of them). I have googled quite a bit and found no documentation on Glitz (with last tutorials dating back to 2006).
What is worse, the wikipedia article mentions that " However, glitz support in cairo has bitrotted and does not work for the 1.8.x versions of cairo"

Ouch !

 That would mean that I have use a Quartz backend to get HW acceleration. So much for the portability ... (OK I can set a series of conditional includes to have all machine 
dependent stuff handled).

 Even worse, if I want to port to MS Windows, I would have to learn how to set up a GDI+ context (did I mention I am a Unix man ?).

 Another (unrelated to glitz) piece of weirdness is the fact that librsvg creates dependences to Gdk libraries (through the gdkpixbuf prototypes and Gerror return types) even 
though you are using Cairo as the rendering backend (when it really does not need Gdk or Glib AT ALL);

 Is there any thought of cleaning up one of those situations sometime in the future, or should I start hacking around ?





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