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Sorry if I sounded a little too critical. 

Regarding glitz, I am still a little puzzled, yet my main concern was more whether glitz was maintained as a backend to cairo or not (I sort of gave up on finding a documentation). If anything I am more than willing to write a bridge between glitz and SDL and contribute it. 

 SDL helps solve the issue a lot of GL developpers are frustrated with (i.e. having to write OS dependent code to setup the rendering context). For toolkit and OS independent developments in cairo, using SDL to setup the glitz backend of cairo would be an asset. But then again if usage of glitz is deprecated in cairo, there is little point in working on that.

I fully understand that librsvg is a part of Gnome, but, in a similar manner as the original libsvg, it *could* have been built free of dependencies to glib or gdk... Now I completely agree that its developpers had a focus on glib/gdk/gtk/gnome and that they didn't want to go great lengths making it more API neutral ... My question was whether there were plans to reverse those choices 

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> Glitz is basically an implementation of the XRender specification
> using OpenGL. It's tied to the X11 drawing model, and as such, isn't
> the portable OpenGL backend you're looking for.
> >  Another (unrelated to glitz) piece of weirdness is the fact that librsvg creates dependences to Gdk libraries (through the gdkpixbuf prototypes and Gerror return types) even
> > though you are using Cairo as the rendering backend (when it really does not need Gdk or Glib AT ALL);
> GError is a graphical-toolkit agnostic way of reporting errors in C.
> It has no dependencies on GTK+ or GDK.
> GdkPixbuf is a convenient library for loading and displaying images
> such as PNGs and JPEGs. Such as is required by the SVG specification.
> You may criticize the choice of dependency (though please note that
> librsvg is a GNOME project, after all), but something like it is
> certainly needed.
> The fact that GdkPixbuf gets packaged as part of the GTK+ software
> stack is unfortunate, as it creates a dependency on a graphical
> toolkit. Patches welcome.


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