[cairo] Difference in Cairo and Qt4 adjacent polygon rendering

Bill Spitzak spitzak at thefoundry.co.uk
Fri May 1 11:46:49 PDT 2009

Hezekiah M. Carty wrote:

> That said, when the stroke is added in the Cairo case, it creates a
> sort of saw-tooth pattern along the edge of some plots (see [1]
> below).  This does not happen in the Qt4 output (see [2] below).  In
> this case, the polygons which make up the plotted surface do not seem
> to be stroked in the Qt4 output, according to Inkscape.  They do,
> however, render cleanly (and without the "sawtooth" effect) in Evince.
>  Cairo output without the outline stroke does not render cleanly,
> again showing seams between the polygons.

You need to change the line joins and caps, perhaps to round (I'm not 
sure what the best one is).

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