[cairo] New ARMv7-A (NEON) optimisations for Pixman

Jonathan Morton jonathan.morton at movial.com
Thu May 7 04:34:22 PDT 2009

> > (For example, it looks like there's explicit support for NEON code
> there
> > already.)  Apparently there is some other NEON code floating around, so
> > we might have to do some coordination to avoid too much duplication of
> > effort.  For the moment we have to consider 0.15.2 as the base version.
> The existing NEON code was also based on Ian Rickard's work, but Jeff
> would know more. Generally, please use git master as the base for
> patches as much as possible.

> As Jeff said, feel free to send patches to the cairo or xorg-devel
> lists. Even better is links to git repositories that can be pulled
> from.

Okay, what I'll do for now is integrate stuff in a local git repo
(cloned from master) and send patches made from that.  We might be able
to move it to a public-facing git repo later.

Here's a couple more to keep things moving.

One removes the #ifdef magic kludge from Ian's code, and replaces it
with the autoconf test from my previous patch.  Just a bit of cleanup.

The other adds some basic NEON blitters for RGB565 framebuffers,
covering SRC RGB565 and SRC xRGB8888.  On our test hardware they get
very close to maximum memory bandwidth.

From: Jonathan Morton
      jonathan.morton at movial.com

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