[cairo] [cairo-commit] 9 commits - boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate.c boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-test-surfaces.c boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-test-surfaces-private.h build/aclocal.dolt.m4 build/aclocal.shave.m4 build/configure.ac.analysis build/.gitignore build/shave.in build/shave-libtool.in configure.ac src/cairo-image-surface.c src/cairo-png.c src/cairo-surface-fallback.c src/cairo-xlib-surface.c src/Makefile.sources src/test-fallback16-surface.c src/test-fallback16-surface.h test/Makefile.am test/Makefile.sources test/test-fallback16-surface-source.c test/test-fallback16-surface-source.ref.png

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Fri May 8 02:12:20 PDT 2009

> As has been far too obvious lately, I have been busy with non-cairo
> projects, (many of which do happen to be using shave). Just this morning
> I compiled a recent cairo and was saddened to see so many compiler
> warnings go by---and also a bit annoyed that they were so hidden in all
> the messy output.
> So I'd planned to implement this myself before tackling some warning
> cleanup. Thanks for saving me some effort!

This is also implemented in Automake git, BTW.


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