[cairo] Overhead reduction

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Tue May 19 08:45:53 PDT 2009

Jonathan Morton <jonathan.morton at movial.com> writes:

> > Other than that, an image pool is a good idea, and it would make sense
> > to add synchronization primitives to pixman, similar to what is in
> > cairo-mutex-*.h already. If we can track down the contributors to that
> > file and get them to agree to relicensing to MIT, the code could be
> > reused directly.
> Shall I leave you to that part?  I can probably fix up the patch to use
> the primitives once the licensing is sorted out.

It will be a while before I have time to look into this. I don't think
it's particularly difficult - it should be a matter of running git
blame on the files in question, then mailing people and asking if they
are okay with a relicensing.

And also, of course, how the cairo developers in general feel about
moving the thread synchronization primitives to pixman.

> Perhaps using a fixed allocation on the stack would be appropriate for
> the common case(s) which use very low numbers, and falling back to
> malloc for the general case.

Right, this is how we'd usually do it.


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