[cairo] [Cairo] End to end turn key build instructions for Win32

Travis Griggs tgriggs at cincom.com
Thu Nov 5 22:04:12 PST 2009

On Nov 5, 2009, at 7:50 PM, Mars Depp wrote:

> Thanks.
> I tried to build Cairo in this way. The flow was interrupted after  
> entering
> ”$ move /Y build\Makefile.fixed build\Makefile.win32.common".
> The screen output "sh: move: command not found".
> How to deal with it, please?

Interesting... it looks like you're using a unix shell to do the move?  
The presence of the $ leader and the sh: move: command not found,  
would hint that to me.

I wrote the instructions as if you were using the windows cmd32.exe  
command prompt.

If you're going to use a unix shell, which is fine, you'd replace

> move /Y build\Makefile.fixed build\Makefile.win32.common

with something like

mv -f build/Makefile.fixed build/Makefile.win32.common


Travis Griggs
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