[cairo] PyCairo crashes

Simon Bächler sbaechler at me.com
Tue Nov 17 15:25:52 PST 2009


Thanks! That worked!  I haven't tested it on OSX yet but on Windows it 
didn't crash and Zürich is written correctly :-)

Is it possible to add this workaround to the PyCairo documentation?

Best Regards

cairo-request at cairographics.org schrieb:

If you have a Unicode path, and are sending it to a function that takes 
only strings, you generally want to do:


which do the right thing to encode the path into something the low-level 
C "fopen" can understand.

One could argue it might be more "Pythonic" for PyCairo to handle that 
conversion internally, but hopefully the above is the correct workaround.


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