[cairo] Getting serious about making a cairo 1.10 release

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Oct 7 15:46:36 PDT 2009

We've let far too much time go by without a new major release of
cairo. Much of that's my fault, and I apologize for that.

In the meantime, there are just a huge pile of interesting features
sitting on cairo master that we really want to get out to people.

So I'm placing my release-manager hat on firmly, and proposing the
following plan for getting the release done.

I just created a new tracker bug for cairo 1.10 here:


(It's got an alias of "cairo-1.10" so you don't need to remember any
magic bug number for it.)

My plan is to release cairo 1.10 when the above bug report does not
depend on any unfixed bugs.

This means we all need to work together to do the following:

    * Test cairo master or the latest cairo 1.9.x snapshot

    * Report bugs at bugs.freedesktop.org when you find them

    * Edit the "depends on" list in the cairo-1.10 bug to add any
      bugs that should block the release.

    * Help fix bugs in the cairo-1.10 "depends on" list.

I've started the list with a bug demonstrating an infinite loop in
cairo triggered by a particular PDF document. I'd also like to depend
on a bug describing the firefox crash issue. (Chris is quite certain
this is a bug in firefox, but even then, I'd like to see *that* fixed
before we release cairo 1.10).

What other bugs are in cairo that need to be fixed before 1.10? Some
issues with PDF snapshot support? Some additional review of some of
the new 1.10 API?

Let's get things listed so we don't forget anything important.

Thanks everybody, and let's all have fun making cairo better!

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