[cairo] Compiling on old Linuxes

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Oct 9 17:04:38 PDT 2009

Excerpts from Travis Griggs's message of Fri Oct 09 15:45:21 -0700 2009:
> I did get some help with my last set of errors on irc. In particular,  
> Carl said "But all you need here is headers from a library new enough  
> to allow cairo to compile."
> Which then leads me to ask will it run on that machine though? or is  
> it that Cairo is smart enough to dynamically figure out how much of  
> it's linked xrender support it can use?

Should work fine, yes.

Cairo asks the X server what version of the protocol it actually
supports, (independent of what version of the library cairo was
compiled against), and cairo then avoids using any Render requests
newer than supported. Of course, we could always have bugs in that,
but it *should* work, (and any such bugs would be fairly trivial to

> I have to modify cairo-xlib-screen to not include <FontConfig/ 
> FontConfig.h>. And it appears to compile everything in cairo proper.  
> But when it gets down into util/cairo-trace, it has issues. I've  
> copied the error's below the sig. Is there anyway to easily avoid it  
> even compiling the util stuff? I looked in ./configure --help, but  
> don't see a --disable-util ability. I don't think I necessarily NEED  
> the utils. Or perhaps there's a more refined make target I can use to  
> just compile the library?

Easiest thing to do would be to just hack Makefile.am to not compile
the util libary. You definitely don't need any of that to link an
application against cairo. (Or, even easier would be to just run "make
-k" and ignore the failures, knowing that the library itself is
compiling fine.)

But, yes, the next step would be to add a configure option to avoid
compiling these chunks you don't need. Or, just fix the bugs
below. Best would be to have this code automatically disabled if it
detects that something isn't present that cairo-trace needs.

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