[cairo] cross-compiling on Linux for Windows

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sun Oct 11 05:39:14 PDT 2009

> I don't know if Windows DLL has any record of its name
> in the binary,

I don't think so, but still I recommend against renaming DLLs.

> but if I copy zlib1.dll to libz.dll.a
> (and zlib.dll to libz.a),

That sounds quite a bit confusing. Copying a dll into a .dll.a, which
is one naming convention for import libraries, does not make sense.
Did you mistype? If not, what you did most probably worked just by
accident. There is a huge difference between a DLL and an import
library referring to it.

What I meant was just to copy the import library you have, whatever it
might be called, to such a name so that your mingw GNU ld will find it
when you specify -lz , which I think was what you wanted? I.e.,
libz.dll.a or libz.a. Copying or renaming the DLL itself is wrong as
the import library (whatever the name of the import library) refers to
the DLL under its original name.


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