[cairo] Problems with building Cairo for Windows CE

Mohit Sindhwani ml3p at onghu.com
Mon Oct 12 07:38:13 PDT 2009

Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
> Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
> Next on, I'm stuck at an error in building win32-surface.c - there seem 
> to be some errors related to the function:
> * _cairo_win32_save_initial_clip -> called from 
> _cairo_win32_surface_finish, _cairo_win32_surface_set_clip_region

Can anyone explain the function of the methods:
* cairo_int_status_t _cairo_win32_save_initial_clip (HDC hdc, 
cairo_win32_surface_t *surface)
* cairo_int_status_t _cairo_win32_restore_initial_clip 
(cairo_win32_surface_t *surface)

These throw up warning/ errors when compiling and eventually results in 
missing symbols when on Windows CE.  On the other hand, these were not 
there in 1.4.4.  These functions are called from:
1>_cairo_win32_restore_initial_clip referenced in function 
1>_cairo_win32_save_initial_clip referenced in function 

What do these two functions provide?  Can I remove them and replace them 
with an older version.  Any advice?

10/12/2009 | 10:38 PM.

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