[cairo] librsvg and cairo on Windows

Brandon Thomas BrandonThomas08 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 19:29:59 PDT 2009

So after doing a bit of digging on finding a SVG parser and something
to render it I have come across cairo. But cario, as I understand it,
can't actually read svg files, but can simply output to them. But that
apparently is were librsvg comes in and seem to be the standard paring
w/ cairo. Does anyone know where I can get a a development build of
the latest stable version of librsvg for windows? The librsvg website
doesn't have a version that is easy to build on Windows, they all use
makefiles, and I don't know how to use makefiles in Visual Studio.
Also I didn't see anywhere that already compiled it to a dll and
provided the headers in a nice development build of librsvg like the
gtk site provides for cairo. So does anyone know where I can get the
latest dll of librsvg  or have any pointers on how to build it myself?

Or if what I am saying is complete nonsense, please say so.


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