[cairo] some old problems still in latest snapshot

Theo Veenker T.J.G.Veenker at uu.nl
Mon Oct 19 04:13:00 PDT 2009

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Excerpts from Theo Veenker's message of Mon Oct 19 10:11:50 +0100 2009:
>> I just tried cairo 1.9.4 + pixman 0.16.2 to see whether some of the problems
>> I ran into before had been solved.
>> Referring to this message:
>> http://lists.cairographics.org/archives/cairo/2008-August/014922.html
>> - The svg backend still does CAIRO_EXTEND_REPEAT when CAIRO_EXTEND_NONE or
>>    CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD selected.
> We're happy to take patches to use the fallback paths for anything that
> SVG cannot handle natively. Though to be honest, that's not at the top of
> my list of the worst offenders within the SVG backend.

It's not a big deal for me either. I didn't know SVG doesn't handle extend_none.

>> - The problem with xlib backend described in the above message (filling a
>>    rotated rectangle with an image pattern) is also still present. See
>>    attached results for different angles.
> This is a driver bug.

Aha. I can get around it by using an image surface based backbuffer.
I suppose this bug would also show up when drawing into an xlib pixmap?


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