[cairo] Mlpost is pleased to use Cairo

François Bobot francois at bobot.eu
Tue Oct 20 01:04:46 PDT 2009


  Mlpost is an Objective Caml interface to Metapost. So it allows to
create pictures with LaTeX snippets in it. Since version 0.7 Mlpost has
a new backend which use Cairo for the drawing. We use the binding
cairo-ocaml. Thanks to Cairo, Mlpost can produce ps,pdf,png,svg...
directly now, and Mlpost pictures can be used in gtk+ window.

Thank you for this great library and that great number of backends.


Examples can be found at http://mlpost.lri.fr/examples/. They are
produced by the Metapost backend but they can be produced with the same
result with the Cairo backend.

Mlpost authors

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