[cairo] cairo + librsvg = svg viewer

philipp koehler Flippinho at gmx.de
Sun Oct 25 05:31:08 PDT 2009


I am trying to do the same thing like you (display svg in Delphi-programs using cairo for rendering and librsvg for svg-parsing)and I have 
exactly the same problem like you.

I was using the h2pas tool from Lazarus 
to do a header conversion of the librsvg.dll-headers I found on the gnome homepage. Unfortunatly I got stuck because in those header-files there are dependencies which point out of the scope covered by the header-files.
I was suspecting I had the wrong header files because afaik header-files for dynamic libs should not have outside dependencies except for maybe very basic libaries.
May be you have advanced a little bit in the problem of converting the librsvg header-files or have found other solutions to display svg in Delphi.

I would be happy to hear from you,

Greets, Philipp

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