[cairo] Any chance to get trapezoids into public API?

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 23:28:21 PDT 2009

Hi Chris,

> My answer is simple: take cairo under the freedoms of its license and
> incorporate a private copy into your library, and adapt to your needs.
Yes, thats what I thought would be best, too.

>  Already this means that the interfaces you currently hook
> into are being phased out as we find faster methods, and Java2D will
> continue to suffer as the focus for driver development falls elsewhere.
Sure, but today trapezoids seem to be the best way to push aa coverage
values to the xserver.
When new interfaces come up, I'll adopt to a newer cairo release.

> (For instance, instead of switching from converting your
> RenderFillRectangles span renderer to a trapezoid based one, you could
> join the discussion in how we can expose a method for passing RLE spans
> to RENDER.
> And what direction we should take the hardware acceleration
> for 2D paths.
I only heard once that something like RLE spans are planned for
render,  its a welcome change.
I was never a big fan of trapezoids, and all the complexity and
inefficiency caused by them.
Does the discussion mainly happen on IRC?

> Sorry for not being more helpful, but I want to ensure Cairo stays
> focused on doing just one task and doing it well. Have fun developing
> Java2D, I hope you find that Cairo is useful and that you do find ways
> we can improve.
Thanks for beeing that helpful :)

Thanks again, Clemens

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