[cairo] [ANN] Scrupp v0.4 released

Andreas Krinke andreas.krinke at gmx.de
Sun Sep 6 09:25:08 PDT 2009

Hello list!

I'm pleased to announce the release of Scrupp v0.4.

I'm posting to this list, because the new version includes a Lua binding
to cairo (lua-oocairo). This binding enables the runtime image creation.
These images can be used directly in Scrupp.

Scrupp is a cross-platform 2D engine written in C which uses SDL and
OpenGL for visualization and is controlled by external Lua scripts. The
core supports various image, sound, music and font formats. Plug-ins
written in Lua create support for more complex stuff like animations and
Scrupp is free software and is available under the same terms and
conditions as the Lua language, the MIT license.
It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (32 Bit universal binary).

Homepage: http://scrupp.sourceforge.net

I hope this is the right place for such an announcement.


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