[cairo] Pango issues on Mac OS X

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Wed Sep 9 17:06:27 PDT 2009

CC'ing gtk-i18n-list so you get feedback from Pango OS X developers.


On 09/07/2009 09:39 PM, Ben Anderman wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm having problems with Pango on Mac OS X. I package Wesnoth for Mac,
> which is in the process of switching to Pango/Cairo for text
> rendering. I originally built using Pango 1.21.3, Cairo 1.8.2, and
> Pixman 0.12.0. Everything mostly worked with that, but we had the
> following issues:
> 1. Pango would only use fonts installed on the system, while Wesnoth
> ships with its own 2 fonts to cover all of its languages. I used a
> pango.aliases file to map the main font (DejaVu Sans) to a font
> included on OS X (Arial Unicode MS), which supports all but 2
> languages Wesnoth has translations for (Arabic and Hebrew). That
> worked well enough, but what about those last 2 languages?
> 2.  Pango would simply use the first font in the list you give it for
> all the text, rather than falling back to the next font when it found
> glyphs the current font couldn't handle. This made it impossible to
> get the last two languages to work, because although OS X comes with
> Hebrew and Arabic fonts, those fonts don't support any other glyphs at
> all. This also made the language selection menu not work, since that
> obviously needs to use more than one font.
> So, I figured, before trying to get help with this, I'd upgrade to the
> latest version (which, by the way, is rather hard on Mac, if you want
> to support i386/ppc and OS X 10.4+). So I did that this past weekend,
> but that seems to have made things significantly worse; not only did
> it not fix the problem, but now it seems as though UTF isn't supported
> at all. With DejaVu Sans, all the text is upper cased, and the first
> letter of every chunk of text is some symbol (like !@#$%, etc.). In
> Arial Unicode MS things aren't quite so bad, but it seems clear that
> UTF-8 isn't supported. Here's screen shots of each:
> DejaVu Sans: http://www.happyspork.com/pics/broken_pango_dejavu.png
> (On the plus side, Wesnoth never used to support !RABIC before!)
> Arial: http://www.happyspork.com/pics/broken_pango.png
> Old Pango: http://www.happyspork.com/pics/old_pango.png
> The versions I upgraded to were: Pango 1.25.5, Pixman 0.16.0, and
> Cairo 1.8.8. I noticed with Pango, it now uses Core Text instead (or
> as well as?) ATSUI. This is good, I suppose, since ATSUI is deprecated
> now. But it did mean that I had to build one of the files with OS X
> 10.5 headers, because Core Text, although it was introduced in OS X
> 10.4, was only made a public API in 10.5. I wonder if Core Text has
> anything to do with the problems?
> Thanks for any help,
> Ben Anderman (crimson_penguin on IRC)
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