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Fri Sep 11 13:14:42 PDT 2009

build system, and nothing specific to cairo at all, (it isn't even
cairo include files that the build is failing on).

> I'd appreciate a cairo specialist's comments on this.

As a cairo specialist, it looks like you reported the bug to the right
place originally by taking it to

It does look like the traffic in that bug report is degenerating into
a debate on the merit of the --enable-system-cairo option in the
mozilla source. Personally, I'm of the opinion that running anything
other than the system cairo on a Linux system doesn't make any
sense. I think many Linux distributions build mozilla with
--enable-system-cairo and would likely push back if mozilla were to
try to remove that option. (And I don't think I've seen any real
evidence of mozilla even considering that.)

That said, it's perhaps not *too* surprising that some mozilla
developers get a bit grumpy when they see the option get used and
leading to extra support issues.


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