[cairo] Building on Windows

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Sep 24 00:50:26 PDT 2009

> They don't seem quite in sync, or at all. What is the status of
> either? What is considered the current best/easiest way to build for
> Windows.

There is also a third way  (or fourth, as the README.win32 itself
talks about two ways...) , which I assume some people might use even
if there doesn't seem to be related files included already in the
source tarball: Use the Visual Studio IDE.

Use whichever method is more familiar and works for you. It's after
all just a bunch of C source files, there is no magic involved.
(Especially, no complex generation of source files using more or less
obscure tools.) All you basically need is to have the compiler compile
the C files  you need (this depends on which features you want the
cairo library you are building to have) into a DLL (or into a static
library, if that's what you want).

(Yes, I am skipping details like creating/editing config.h and
cairo-features.h files. That can be done by manual editing based on
educated guesses and looging at examples.)


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