[cairo] Recommended method to use text on Windows CE/ Win32

Mohit Sindhwani ml3p at onghu.com
Thu Sep 24 18:12:26 PDT 2009

Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
> Mike Shaver wrote:    
>> Firefox uses Freetype on Windows CE, we'll move to use harfbuzz as
>> well in the future I believe.
>> http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/gfx/thebes/src/gfxFT2Fonts.cpp
>> If you care about a subset of languages or fonts, your code could
>> likely be a lot simpler; strange fonts and flexible control over font
>> selection for different languages contributes a lot of lines to that
>> code.
>> Mike
> Thanks Mike - I'll take a look at that to get started.  For now, we can 
> restrict ourselves to English... though the future is wide open.. but 
> I'm willing to revisit language support again when we need it.

To further add to this, we only really need basic text support for 
labels, etc.  It just needs to be able to render a couple of fonts in a 
couple of sizes... in English.  I was hoping to get something small and 
simple to meet the needs.

9/25/2009 | 9:12 AM.

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