[cairo] [WindowsBuilding] link against zlib.lib instead of zdll.lib by default

Travis Griggs tgriggs at cincom.com
Fri Sep 25 11:41:48 PDT 2009

Though I didn't end up using the same solution as Chris Thorgrimsson  
documents, his email prompted me enough to figure out what's wrong.  
It's even documented in the README.win32, near the very bottom. It  
points out that you may need to replace zdll.lib in build 
\Makefile.win32.common if you're going to build the .dll. Once I did  
that, I was able to

make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=release

No need to do static or dynamic, it happily did both.

Is this not a more desirable default? Just make the thing and you get  
both? I'd like to lobby to have the default changed there in  


Travis Griggs
What's next, Intel Processors branded with "Apple Outside" stickers?

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