[cairo] Recommended method to use text on Windows CE/ Win32

Mohit Sindhwani ml3p at onghu.com
Sun Sep 27 01:19:00 PDT 2009

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Then just compile cairo with the win32 font backend and use 
> cairo_show_text()?
> behdad
Hi Behdad,

Actually, I followed this: 

And near the end, it says:
Since there is no easy solution for this, I just commented out the 
function body, so text rendering isn’t supported by cairo on Windows CE 
for now. Revisiting my changes to cairo, I saw that I tried to 
reimplement GetCharacterPlacement and some more needed functions, but 
that code has to be looked upon again. In the end I didn’t manage to 
bring rendered text onto a cairo surface.

That's why I thought that cairo_show_text would probably not work directly.

9/27/2009 | 4:18 PM.

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