[cairo] Is there anyone who interested in OpenGLES backend of CAIRO?

DongWoo Im dwim79 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 19:03:19 PDT 2010

This is Joshua.

What I  want to know is, is there any plan to build OpenGLES backend of
Or, is there anyone who interested in it?

I know OpenVG backend is supported now(1.9.4 & 1.9.6) for GPU acceleration
on the embedded environment.
And as I know, the concept of OpenVG is similar with Cairo as a vector
graphics, more that OpenGL/GLES.

But I'm still interested about OpenGLES backend, and the the performance
versus OpenVG backend.
Could OpenVG backend show better performance than OpenGLES backend in all of
the cases?

And, I'm curious about why only OpenGL & OpenVG backend are supported
officially, except OpenGLES.

Could you give me any comments about those?


Best Regards,
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