[cairo] GSoC: Cairo State Tracker + Patch

Arpad Borsos arpad.borsos at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 5 12:57:12 PDT 2010

My name is Arpad (Swatinem on IRC) and I would like to participate in 
the summer of code project writing a cairo state tracker for Gallium3D.
So far I have been mostly active in the web world, but my plans are to 
move to systems programming and 3d. I'm writing my bachelors thesis 
about WebGL and learn OpenGL on the way.
So far I have been contributing to the Mozilla project and various web 

As a first step towards my cairo/gallium involvement, I have tested the 
gl backend using the proprietary nvidia drivers. It does fail a lot of 
tests because parts of the generated image or all of it is upside-down, 
especially using the gl-window backend. And either the gl backend or 
nvidias driver are a big bottleneck because the gpu isn't even running 
in performance mode, manually changing it to performance mode doesn't 
change the performance numbers at all as it seems.

Attached is also a small patch that fixes parsing of the summary reports 
as generated by cairo-perf-trace.

Comments welcome.

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