[cairo] Additional option for pixman library configuration in single-thread environment

Vsevolod Novikov nnseva at mail.ru
Sun Apr 18 03:55:12 PDT 2010


I would like to use the cairo library in the Airplay SDK environment 
(www.airplaysdk.com). The SDK environment is now single-thread, so I 
don't need to have thread-specific data (TLS option). Moreover, 
thread-aware code in the pixman library causes compilation and/or 
run-time problems.

It would be useful to have a configuration option to switch using TLS 
off at all for pixman library in such environment, as it is made in 
applied patch (the similar code in the cairo library is present, but 
undocumented. I am using CAIRO_NO_MUTEX for the purpose).

library versions:

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