[cairo] Bad bug when filling clipped area

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 13:33:12 PDT 2010

A bit of a follow-up. The bug occurs when 3rd (last) value X of the
array used to define vertical lines for filled areas is not an integer.
It does not seem to matter what the actual value is, only that it is a
whole vs. fractional value. The bug also requires that the clipped area
have at least one mid-point on the top edge (i.e. top edge is not a
straight line).

cu wrote:
> Please see this attached code sample. When running it using cairo 1.9.6
> (built for MacOS), the clipped area fill is completely wrong. Changing
> the value X of filled squares can fix the issue, so this is somehow
> value-driven.
> Having a fix for this would be great - as this issue manifests itself in
> a few cases and really breaks the output.

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