[cairo] Please restore RGB565 format

Vsevolod Novikov nnseva at mail.ru
Thu Apr 29 13:39:03 PDT 2010

Hi Cairo Developers,

I am using a CAIRO library under Airplay SDK environment (www.airplaysdk.com). Actually, the Airplay SDK is the only platform allowing one-source cross-platform C++ development for Android, Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile and some other mobile platforms.

The SDK native painting surface has RGB565 format compatible with the CAIRO RGB565 surface. Unfortunately the CAIRO deprecates using RGB565 surface. It leads to perfomance degrade and increaces memory usage because of conversion between formats.

Please restore the RGB565 format, it perfectly fits to the Airplay SDK and makes using CAIRO library much more effective under it. Actually I've proposed to include the CAIRO library to the list of Airplay-hosted open source libraries, which now consists of:

expat: XML parsing 
libjpeg: JPEG image encoding 
libpng: PNG image encoding 
lua: Lua scripting language 
ode: Open Dynamics Engine 
sqlite3: SQL database engine 
tinyxml: XML parsing 
zlib: Compression 

Hope that RGB565 format support will lead Airplay developers to include the CAIRO library to this list.


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