[cairo] Font smoothing using anti aliasing

shiplu shiplu.net at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 13:49:51 PDT 2010

Hello List,

I am trying to smooth text rendering using anti aliasing.
But its not anti aliased.

See the picture http://tinypic.com/r/2h7dy1i/4
First line is a png image created using pango and cairo.
Second line is just an html <span> tag. Its in firefox, Ubuntu with Gnome DE.
The difference can be better understood if you compare "W" and "v"
between two lines.

The code responsible to draw text can be found on http://pastie.org/1073683
Font options are set on line 17 and 20.

Could anyone please tell me how can I make those two lines look same?

Thanks In advance.

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