[cairo] cairo-gobject

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Sun Aug 8 02:31:50 PDT 2010

On Sat 07 Aug 2010 20:37, Benjamin Otte <otte at redhat.com> writes:

> I've just pushed a cairo-gobject library to Cairo master. This library
> is supposed to integrate Cairo with the GObject type system. Currently,
> it only provides lots of get_type() functions with GTypes. I hope I
> didn't introduce any dependency cycles here.

Does this introduce a dependency on GLib and GObject from within Cairo?
Though it does appear to be a conditional compile, most distros will
build with GObject support, so even if you don't want to pull GLib into
your address space, for whatever reason.

This might be the right decision, but it does have some downsides, and
they should be more explicit.


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