[cairo] Wrong (bgr) colors with png on suse-9.3

Frank Sonnenburg frank at biosolveit.de
Thu Aug 12 05:09:52 PDT 2010

Hi Cairo-Group

I'm using static cairo-1.9.14 and pixman-1-0.18.2 libs on a 64-bit suse-9.3 pc.

When creating png files, colors red and blue are swapped.  I observe the same problem when running that executable on suse-11.0.  And the same behavior also with cairo-1.8.8.

But when building cairo and pixman-1 on suse-11.0, there is no problem with swapped colors on suse-11.0.

I noticed some old threads concerning byte-endian, but I checked that big-endian is not enabled in any case.

Thanks for any help,


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