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Tue Aug 17 03:33:13 PDT 2010

To whom it may concern,

I have a problem using cairo for displaying connections between a number of coordinates. The 
generated file should be of PDF format.
Namely, I'm trying to translate the content of a specific .ps file, having a bounding box specification.
This would be a typical .ps file:
%%BoundingBox: -54.842 -5.44374 -34.9815 10.3711
-52.8476 -4.20964 moveto
-53.9752 -3.93121 lineto
-53.2801 -3.06407 moveto
-53.9752 -3.93121 lineto
-54.842 -4.58826 moveto
-53.9752 -3.93121 lineto
I understand how to draw a line between 2 coordinates, but I'm not sure how to specify the bounding box for
PDF format.
Clearly, the drawing should fit within the specified bounding box (which specifies min and max coordinates
from the drawing).
Any help regarding this problem is very welcome.

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