[cairo] Bind complete cairo using ctypes on python

Prashant Saxena animator333 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 10:06:02 PDT 2010


I am using cairo-pycairo(1.8.10), python 2.6.5 and wxpython. wxpython using 
pycairo(_cairo.pyd) and wx.lib.wxcairo.(some functions are wrapped using ctypes)

Is it possible to bind cairo entirely using ctypes?

Development of pycairo is bit slower then of cairo. Building cairo from sources 
is easier (win and linux) but in order to wrap new functionality in pycairo, you 
have to port it and build again. This would be a bit difficult if you don't have 
much of c/c++ experience. If cairo bindings can be made only using python-ctypes 
then you have to build only cairo and call new functionality using ctypes in 
your python script.

I am not an expert in c/c++ so have some patience with me.


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