[cairo] PyCairo GL ?

Stuart Axon stuaxo2 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 9 07:46:05 PST 2010

> On Sat, 2010-11-20 at 12:00 -0800, cairo-request at cairographics.org
> wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
>> I've got cairo 1.10 in Ubuntu, but couldn't see any mention of GL
>> backend in 
>> pycairo, is this not implemented yet?
> Yes.
>> Ideally, I'd like to be able to use this with pyglet I guess.
> What are the important cairo functions which need to be exposed by
> pycairo?
>>  S++ 
> Steve

I had a look here: http://cairographics.org/manual/  but I also
can't see anything mentioning OpenGL.

I'm still fairly new to OpenGL and Cairo, but I think I was
expecting an OpenGL Surface, with the option of passing in
my own opengl context.

If you let me know where the cairo opengl stuff is documented I
can probably investigate further.


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