[cairo] Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : multithreaded bug in cairo on call to cairo stroke?

Philippe Leroux lerouxp at yahoo.ca
Thu Dec 16 09:54:02 PST 2010

>Additional details:
>The idea in this case would be that you add graphical operations
>sequentially (thus the sequence is ordered, well defined), just as usual, but
>cairo and pixman actually perform them in parallel.
>This would be a better use of your parallel processing power, because
>it would still
>guarantee that the result is the expected one, yet all the cores would
>be used to
>compute the image. Moreover it would also improve the performance of existing
>applications ;)


absolutely, with go it is very easy to do so, i just need to define an 
asynchronus channel and send cairo operations on it
but, euh, how does cairo and pixman perform this in parallel? 
for instance, each core renders part of the images or something?

is that already possible? or some feature planed for future development

i'd be very interested to help


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