[cairo] [Patch] Some work on cairo-xcb

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Fri Dec 17 13:05:18 PST 2010

Am 17.12.2010 21:43, Uli Schlachter wrote:
> Am 17.12.2010 21:02, Uli Schlachter wrote:
>> Chris Wilson said he didn't like the memory allocation that is added here, but I
>> didn't succeed in avoid it (although I haven't searched too hard). Feel free to
>> tell me how this could be done.
> A big thanks goes to Andrea Canciani for telling me how and criticizing some
> more stuff. Attached is v2 of the first patch.

Sorry for the spam, but here is v3 of the patch. The last version compared the
wrong pointers to check if it has to do any cleanup
"if (clip == &extents_region)" instead of "if (clip_region == &extents_region)".

Hopefully I didn't break anything this time.

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