[cairo] Cairo and SVG not working

Snider, Charles J cjsnide at sandia.gov
Fri Dec 17 13:11:56 PST 2010

I turns out that the markup I was using in the pango layout was not implemented until 1.21 (font and font_size, for example). 
I'm using 1.14, which still allows font_desc instead of font, so changing the markup to use font_desc fixed the text problem I was having.

As far as SVG, I'm still convinced it is something simple, but for now cairo-image will work fine.

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Ok, so the problem is that I assume most people will be familiar with the C implementation, so I provided C example code to mimic bits and pieces of what I am doing.
I am using ruby-cairo and ruby-pango.  C examples with simple font (show_text) work when using cairo-image.
But ruby examples using pango do not work font-wise.

I am giving up on SVG for now and just offering a one size fits all solution.
So now I am left with a pango layout/text problem, which is likely not a question meant for this forum.

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