[cairo] Spot colors (and CMYK)

Francois Robert frobert at atex.com
Tue Feb 16 00:52:17 PST 2010

cu wrote: 
> As far as vector drawing goes, I suspect that many applications 
> (such us ours, for example) don't care about the differences caused 
> by different platforms and display profiles etc.  
Well, Adobe Illustrator does care.
You seem to believe that color fidelity is important only for
photographs. Photographs are indeed an important cases, perhaps the one
where color mismatch are most easily noted by the casual user.

But pure vector drawing may also have color fidelity requirements
(sometimes stringent ones). A fully vectorial, non-photographic use case
can be product packaging : When you print a Coca-Cola (resp. Schweppes)
package, the red (resp. yellow) *MUST* be the expected one. Either that
or you can throw away the entire batch you have just produced...

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