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James Wetter wetter.j at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 18:01:53 PST 2010

For the last few weeks I have been working on creating a scientific plotting
layer that sits on top of cairo.
The reason for this is to create a plotting library comparable to pgplot
that can use cairo's anti-aliasing and font back-ends to make more
attractive plots that have uniform appearance across different output

The project started as just a back-end for the SPH visualisation tool splash
because most other plotting libraries are either missing important features
or overly bloated and have far to many dependancies. But now it has become a
project in its own right.

I am planing on releasing the source under the GPL v3 with the name cpl
(cairoplotlib).  I just wanted to let you know about this project as it is
highly dependant on cairo.

If you have suggestions for a better or more appropriate name please let me

Thank you,
James Wetter

Monash  University
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