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Tue Feb 23 22:12:31 PST 2010

> Lets say I have a 13pt sans-serif font, lets say family "Arial". My
> estimation (from looking at the rendering), that "something" is giving
> about 12% leading. IE.. inter-baseline spacing is 1.12 times 13 points.
> (When converted to appropriate world coordinates).
> Is the "height line" coming from the font metrics, freetype, ...?
> I know the answer to this question is probably "no", but should I expect
> text rendered in a 13pt font to measure 13 points anywhere? (I had
> previously believed this was the nominal designed inter-baseline
> spacing, but that only seems true for zero leading).
> Would one normally expect the ascent + descent of a "13 pt" font to
> measure 13 points?

This is one of the most confusing issues with fonts.  No one really knows what
a "13 pt" font means.  A font designer has the final say on how large the font
will render.


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