[cairo] rcairo's RGB -> HSV conversion has an error

Kouhei Sutou kou at cozmixng.org
Sun Jan 10 18:09:04 PST 2010


In <4B499B7D.3080705 at gmail.com>
  "[cairo] rcairo's RGB -> HSV conversion has an error" on Sun, 10 Jan 2010 18:18:53 +0900,
  Yuta Taniguchi <yuta.taniguchi.y.t at gmail.com> wrote:

> Using rcairo's Color::RGB#to_hsv, I tried to convert a RGB color to a
> HSV color, but it returns a wrong color.
> I found that RGB#to_hsv has an error that uses wrong conditions in its
> case expression. I also checked the latest version (1.8.1), but the
> error still exists. So, I decided to report this problem.

Thanks for your patch. I've applied it.


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