[cairo] Adding a color management interface to GTK

Jon Cruz jon at joncruz.org
Thu Jan 21 02:43:55 PST 2010

On Jan 21, 2010, at 11:13 PM, Richard Hughes wrote:

> There are some things we probably want to address in the first
> version. For instance, it would probably be quite useful to tag the
> GdkImage or cairo surface with the GtkProfile, either the binary data,
> or just a refcounted instance of the profile object. Maybe it's no big
> deal.
> So, I ask you to review that patch, make suggestions and criticisms --
> feedback is welcome. Please bear in mind it'll be the first of quite a
> few patches, and that I can't possibly add every color management
> concept and feature in an initial patch.

So, does the W3C position of defaulting to sRGB come into play?

I'll have more time to look things over in a week or so... but one thing I remember having problems with in regards to DPI was lack of an application level way to be sure of what was going on. (including the fact that source horizontal DPI can easily differ from source vertical DPI)

One other aspect to keep in mind would be to try to make things easy to use defaults for yet still easy to override. As you mentioned, most applications won't have need to go beyond a certain level. However for those apps who do need some more control it would be nice to keep the API away from an all-or-nothing approach and more towards an easy to hook successive levels sort of API.

p.s. as a purely code-review level, almost pedantic, item I did a few little coding items to point out. I'll follow up directly with those. 

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