[cairo] Spot colors (and CMYK)

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Fri Jan 22 00:48:44 PST 2010

Am 20.01.10, 21:59 -0800 schrieb Bill Spitzak:
> There is a perfectly mathematically-defined conversion from
> "scRGB" (unclamped sRGB) to XYZ. It has NOTHING to do with "color
> management", the conversion is a fixed math formula: you linearize the

This is colour management and straight implemented in many ICC workflows.

> My take on this:
> Users INSIST that there be a way to specify colors in sRGB, so there
> must be an api that accepts such values.

/* for a zero  profile use the cairo_default_editing_color_space */
cairo_get_colour( cairo_t * cairo,
                   double colour[],
                   cairo_colour_profile_t * profile );

> If you need to provide any other color space, you now have at least
> TWO apis.

See above.

kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management 
www.behrmann.name + www.oyranos.org

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