[cairo] Text rendering issue on embedded device.

Sid Kapoor sidkapoor2000 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 05:51:07 PST 2010


I am trying to port GTK+-2.18.3 on TinyX for a 600x800 embedded device.

Hardware specifications of the device are:
Frame Buffer bit depth: 4bpp
Resolution: 600x800
Visual Type: Static Gray
device dpi : 167

Other dependency packages for GTK+ are :


While doing so, I am getting the GTK+ windows correctly. Even the jpeg and
png files are rendered properly.
But text and gif images are not rendered properly. They are compressed along
the width and appears to be broken
(there are alternate black and white columns of pixels). Is this issue due
to the 4bpp frame buffer?
Does cairo support 4bpp gray-scale pixel format?
If I run pango over X backend, the output is perfect. But for the backends
cairo/xft the problem persists.

I have attached the screenshots of various commands for the reference.

For command
# pango-view  --text=abcd --backend=cairo --waterfall
refer 1.jpg

For command
# pango-view  --text=abcd --backend=x --waterfall
refer 2.jpg

For command
# pango-view  --text=abcd --backend=cairo --font="400"
refer 3.jpg

Thanks in advance.
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