[cairo] PDF + masks => wrong in Acrobat 7

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Thu Jan 28 11:47:36 PST 2010

Presuming that you want a red, black and white circle to display, you
can add fitz/mupdf to the list that get it wrong.  I couldn't test gs
because 8.70 has know bugs with soft masks (it crashes on this one) &
I don't have time to compile gs trunk and/or smask_work branches.

All I got from mupdf was solid red.

Mupdf outputs »we encountered a soft mask« six times, suggesting that
Tor is working on soft mask issues.

If the page is supposed to show two columns of circles, with the left
column red/black/white and the right column all red, then xpdf-302 is
also unable to get it right, only the poppler-based viewers/renderers
seem to render six circles.

Anyone who wants to try it in xpdf may want to specify a geometry and
the -z flag; with »-g 600x900 -z page« I was able to view it; without
those it wanted too much cpu and ram....

I suspect you will find that only newer revisions of any pdf renderer
have accurate soft mask support, probably because it wasn't used much
by pdf emitters until recently.

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