[cairo] Problems setting up PyCairo on Windows XP with Python 2.6

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Jan 28 16:34:54 PST 2010

> 5.       And also put them in Windows\system32 for good measure..

Oh, nooo.....

> 6.       Renamed libpng12-0.dll to libpng13.dll in all those locations

Not a good idea either.

Unfortunately I can't help you and tell you exactly what you should
do, as I am not really a Python user. But randomly copying DLLs here
and there is not a sensible way to proceed. Renaming DLLs is a bad
idea too. There might be a good reason why two different distributors
of some library (like libpng) intentionally use a different name for
the DLL, like if they have built them in different fashions so they
offer incompatible APIs or ABIs. And *never* put any 3rd-party DLLs
into the system32 folder!

(I *think* I have seen some recent blogging that there would be a
fresh pygtk (and thus also cairo) distribution for Windows out. It
presumably/hopefully is a single installer containing everything you


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